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aasg's most experimental weblog

I'm Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves, a software developer by trade, FOSS contributor, and package maintainer for NixOS/Nixpkgs and Void Linux. My main areas of academic interest are digital preservation and semantic search, with experience in system administration and website development for digital libraries.


You can reach me through the following channels:

Questions about my projects should be sent to my public inbox by emailing ~aasg/

Me elsewhere

Beyond my personal site, you can also find me on:

Software forges
GitHub (as AluisioASG)
GitLab (as AluisioASG)
Sourcehut (as aasg)
Professional networks
LinkedIn (as aasg)
Social networks
Keybase (as aasg)
Mastodon/Pleroma/ActivityPub (as
ORCID (as 0000-0002-1844-6540)
Plataforma Lattes (as Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves)
mugshot picture of me
This is me in real life, by the way.

Recent posts

Peering with AS4242420827 on dn42

A while ago I joined dn42, a virtual network on top of the Internet. It’s an environment where you can study, explore, and deploy the very technologies at the core of Internet routing, like BGP and DNS.


(hello "world"); or: an incredible journey

I spent most of last week getting this blog up and running. Inspired by Deploying This Site with IPFS and Scheme I set out (for the nth time) to create someplace I could eventually publish my writings on (and incidentally serve as a hub for my web presence). The result of that work is now available on sourcehut.